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The Modern Maharaja



Sherwani - Achkan

Sherwani, Achkan, Indo Western, Angrakha are embellished with hand crafted rare embroideries. This silhouette is meant for your most important day and will truly exude the true feeling of “Modern Maharaja”. The touch of most luxurious fabrics which is revived on handlooms is tailored to bring in a breathtaking amalgamation of home-grown crafts and heritage of Royals. In short the ensemble feels like an heirloom out of the museum.


Jodhpuri - Bandhgala

True to its name, Bandhgala is an exceptionally closed neckline Jacket spangled with ornate buttons for closure. It plays our muse as the collection swells into a range of debonair creations which experiments with hues, textures, and design patterns that would fit right in with the contemporary lines while upholding the Royal Lineage. And it is said that The Best Bandhgala is “ Made in Jaipur”



Fresh off the runway, these hunting jackets are a true reflection of the sporty and regal lifestyle of the Rajputana. Originally these Jackets were used by the Maharajas for hunting in Jungles. In today’s time they are ideal for an evening out, party or a side function for a wedding.



The half jackets come in an extensive range of colors and styles to accommodate both casual and traditional settings. The collection doesn’t shy away from betting its odds with varied fabrics and closure types while leading a route to the fusing of Rajasthani monarchical fashion with the modern man’s wardrobe.


Kurta - Shirt

An essential collection of Shirts and Kurtas are synonymous with the classical indigenous fashion trends over the years. Capturing various craft forms from all over the country the selection offers a contrasting mix of design style & color palettes to suit a multitude of occasions. Right from the breathy Kota Dori to classic Khadi, our base textures will lend the needed comfort and master poise.


Breeches - Trousers

Designed for Royal horse riders as protective gear by our forefathers, Breeches / Jodhpurs create a unique silhouette that earns an eternal place in traditional Menswear. This collection revisits the imperial trend in a diverse range of colors and patterns that celebrates the Maharaja in you.


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