As his label gears up to show at the RFW today, here's talking design with Rohit Kamra

I always wanted to be an actor. But destiny had something else in store for me. I had never thought I'd become a designer, but I think my sensibilities got the better of me," says designer Rohit Kamra. "I used to design clothes for myself, family and friends," Rohit reflects. But then, one fine day, circumstance turned into opportunity when he met Princess Priya Raje Scindia of Gwalior in 2005. "My brother Abhishek was already working with them and she wanted to get new uniforms designed for their staff. Abhishek knew I had a flair for designing, so he sent me to meet her. When I met her, I was in blue denim breeches, and white kurta. She was so impressed that I got the order," says Rohit, who, for the second time, found opportunity knocking when he met Madhur Bhandarkar at a party. "In no time, we became good friends. I worked in his films - a very brief role in Fashion and a cameo in Heroine," says Rohit. 

Today, Rohit is known for giving a new avatar to the Jodhpuri jackets and breeches, and the label Rohit & Abhishek has shown in major shows. At the Rajasthan Fashion Week (RFW) today, Rohit will be showcasing his collection titled Blue Deeper Than Indigo - a line for the modern Maharaja. "The look is chivalrous, yet young and trendy. A sophisticated blend of glamour and aristocracy. Cool blues, aqua greens and white will be prominently visible in my collection," he adds. There will also be an array of handmade jewelled buttons, brooches and cufflinks made of precious stones like rubies and emeralds.