bandgalaHere you can come across a well-known ROHIT KAMRA“bandhgala for men” collection!! The bandhgala for men represents India and is the best answer to a formal suit,” “In fact, it’s the elegant Indian way of wearing a suit. Moreover, it is so versatile – it can be formal and also informal, and you can wear it with trousers of the same color or mix and match the jacket and pants.or it can be worn with jodhpurs pant/Breeches For a casual look”. A bandhgala for men is a hip-length jacket with a stand-up mandarin collar, cut high on the armhole, it sits snug on the chest and looks best in black or charcoal. As a formal garment it is unbeatable, Men in India have a strange relationship with the bandhgala for men—or the Jodhpur coat as some call what, at one time, was also referred to as the prince coat.